China Rainbow Media Awards, launched jointly by several NGOs in mainland China, including Beijing Gender Health Education Institute, the Sex/Gender Education Forum at Sun Yat-Sen University, PFLAG, LES + , DAN LAN, TONG YU, Beijing LGBT Center, GAY SPOTS magazine, Women Media Monitoring Network, LGBT rights advocacy CHINA, Zhitong China, etc.

In 2011 several Mainland Chinese LGBT organizations came together to organize the first China Rainbow Media Awards
The objective of the annual award nominations is to independently and impartially evaluate media institutions and individuals who provide objective and fair reports on LGBT topics. 
The China Rainbow Media Awards strengthen the consciousness and capacity of the LGBT community by voicing critique to media institutions; 
this dialogue between Chinese civil society and media is valuable to promote a democratic society, increase media accountability, 
and advocates equal rights for the LGBT community. 

In January 2016, we will held the Fifth Rainbow Media Awards ceremony and Rainbow Media Professional Workshops.

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